Welcome Message of the 2nd IANRAC

  • Dear  all colleagues,

  • We  
    highly appreciate your  support and attention toward the 2nd International Association of  Neurorestoratology Annual Conference (IANRAC).


  • Preparation  of the conference is nearly completed, and there are  neurorestoratologic scientists  and physicians  from near 30  countries and regions enrolled to participate. We believe the conference  will be a great success.


  • International Association of Neurorestoratology Annual Conference  (IANRAC) is the authoritative conference of worldwide  neurorestoratology. At this  conference, IANR will declare that the era of  "nerve in CNS can not be  restored" is over,  and the beginning of "restoration in CNS”. This  declaration will have  far-reaching impact and great significance. Today, there are rapid progresses in  neurorestoratology; there are  new developments, new ideas,  and new strategies with each passing day; and new  achievements come up one after another; it could be  definitely overwhelming. Your active participation will help promote  neurorestoratology and make an important contribution to development and  progress of this field.
    for you

  • ²      Conference  speakers, will show your new research  results and contributions on the  highest stage of neurorestoratology, accept rational question and  get evaluation by  authoritative experts.  

  • ²      Scientists and physicians, who are  engaging in neurorestoratology, will be able to spark new thought with the  leading experts by  face-to-face meeting, learn new knowledge, and open a wider field of  vision.

  • ²      Scientists and physicians, who will  engage in neurorestoratology, will receive the key to the door of  neurorestoratology, experience how difficulty  of neural restoration is and  value each  progress.

  • ²      Scientists and physicians, who are  interested in the neurorestoratology, will learn every aspect and new  developments of the neurorestoratology, may change the  traditional concept, and have a new  world.


  • To benefit  patients and the public  – is the common wish and goal  from all of us  who will gather in Beijing.

  • I wish you  and your colleagues will have excellent  experiences in this  important neurorestoratology event!
    Yours sincerely,
    Organizing  Committee
    of the  2nd IANR
    March  12, 2009