Call for papers of IANR IV & 8th GCNN conference

1. Topics:

(1)   Discipline establishment of neurorestoratology

(2)   Neuroregeneration

(3)   Neuroplasticity

(4)   Neural repair and replacement

(5)   Neural circuit or network reconstruction

(6)   Neuroprotection

(7)   Neuromodulation or signaling repair

(8)   Neurosynaptogenesis

(9)   Neurogensis and angiogenesis

(10) Neurorehabilitation

2. Submission Requirements:

(1) Original articles not published prior to Jan 15, 2011.

(2) Abstract (300-800 words) or full text in English with categories.

(3) Full text: title, author, institution, contact ways (email address, telephone number), abstract and text. Abstract format: objective, methods, results, conclusions and key words.

(4) Submission Template is available on the website /English/new.asp?id=686    

3. Submission way:

(1) E-mail to or

(2) Register and submit on the website /English/index.asp

4. Submission Deadline: Jan 15, 2011

Deadline of IANR special issue of CELL TRANSPLANTATION: Dec. 20, 2010

Deadline of Frontiers of Neurorestoratology and American Journal of neuroprotection and Neuroregeneration:

Jan 15, 2011

5. Neurorestoratological Youth Forum of the IANRAC IV

Youth Forum speeches from outstanding papers of the submissions

Selection criteria: less than 35 years old, engaged in basic and clinical research of neurorestoratology and as the first author of the paper.(IANR will award the winners with trophy cup and cash award.)