Picture of the 2nd IANRAC

  Members of the 2nd IANRAC


Youth Forum of IANR on the 2nd IANRAC

Scene of Youth Forum of IANR



The Participant Kai Cao delivered his speech 

The Participant Jianling Bao delivered her speech 

Young people on the conference—Tomorrow’s hope


Prof. Masri commented on the Youth Forum( From left: Almudena Ramón-Cueto, Wagih Masri, Dajue Wang)


Winners of the Youth ForumFrom leftHongyun HuangXiaoming GongTsui Yat Ping Masri, RaismanIrene Chen


Awarding ceremony for the Youth Forum members

Council meeting of the 2nd IANRAC

 The scene of the 2nd IANRAC Council Meeting



Chairman Hongyunhuang’s presentation on “2008-2009 IANR Council Annual Work Report”


Prof. Ziad Al Zoubi discussed on the council meetingFrom left: Ziad .M. Al Zoubi, Mohammed Jamoos Adeeb Al-Zoubi


Attendees discussed on the council


Prof. Wise Young discussed for Beijing DeclarationFrom left: Wise YoungZiad .M. Al Zoubi


Prof. Gerson Chadi joined in the discussion (From left: Chopp,Gerson , Eva, Masri

Prof. Klaus von Wild discussed on the council From left: Klaus von WildPatty Phelps


Prof. Ramon Cueto participated in the discussionFrom left: Ramon Cueto,Tiansheng Sun


Prof. Masri participated in the discussionFrom left: Eva Syková,Masri, Hongyun Huang


Prof. Krystyna Domanska-Janik and Prof. Elena Chernykh discussed

  •  During the 2nd IANR Annual Conference

  • The scene of the 2nd IANRAC


    Prof. Dajue Wang hosted the opening ceremony


    Prof. Raisman’s welcome speech on the opening ceremony



    Prof. Wise Young delivered his speech


     The attendees were listening to the report


    Prof. Ramon Cueto asked questions on the conference


    Prof. Wise awarded certificate for Prof. RaismanFrom left: Wise Young, Geoffrey Raisman


    Certificates awarding for the speakersFrom left: Daqing LiWise YoungRamon CuetoRaismanHongyun HuangYing Li


    Prof. Elena Rem CHERNYKH delivered her speech


    Certificates awarding for the speakersFrom left: Mohammed Jamoos Ziad .M. Al Zoubi, Dajue Wang, Adeeb Al-ZoubiTiansheng Sun


    Certificates awarding for Prof. Patty Phelps


     Prof. Chopp awarded certificate for Prof. Kwok-Fai So


     Prof. Qunyuan Xu delivered his speech


    Certificates awarding for the speakersFrom left: Changman Zhou, Qunyuan Xu, Huangcong Zuo, Xijing He


     Prof. Changman Zhou awarded the certificate for Prof. Eva Sykova


     Prof. Shaoting Xu discussed on the conference


     Signature for Beijing Declaration of IANR-- Gustavo Moviglia


     Signature for Beijing Declaration of IANR-- Wise Young


    Prof. Raisman declared the Beijing DeclarationFrom left: Wise YoungRaismanMasri


     Prof. Klaus von Wild discussed  with Prof. Harry S. Goldsmith


    Certificates awarding for the speakersFrom left: Russell J AndrewsGerson ChadiFrancisco MoralesGuoming LuanBoyd Melson, Serge Rossignol


     Prof. Albert awarded certificate for Prof. Serge


     Prof. Chopp delivered his speech


     Prof. Klaus asked a question



    Prof. Hongyun Huang, Prof. Shaocheng Zhang and Prof. Yan Wang


  •  Picture for conference staff


    Closing ceremony of the conference

     Prof. Hongyun Huang, Prof. Dajue Wang and Prof. Klaus von Wild


     Associate-Prof. Lin Chen, Prof. Michael Chopp and Prof. Hongyun Huang


     Wonderful dance by nurses and Prof. Ramon Cueto


     Cute dance “Dancing among the flowers”



       Peking Opera “Farewell, my concubine”


     Beautiful dance “Dancing Happily”


    Professors and Nancy on the closing ceremony



    Professors on the closing ceremony From left: Lee Foo Chiang, Adeeb Al-ZoubiFadzli Abdullah CheahMasri, Raisman, Chee-Pin Chee


    Visit after the conference

    Professors visited the patients of Beijing Rehabilitation Center


     Professors visited the lab of BHNA